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  • Apr 03, 2013
  • NDRC’s “China International Urbanization Forum 2013” Held in Shanghai Luodian New Town
  • National Development and Reform Commission (the “NDRC”) hosted “China International Urbanization Forum 2013” (the “Forum”) in the Lake Malaren Convention Centre of Shanghai Luodian New Town, the permanent venue of the Forum, on 30 to 31 March 2013.More than 700 guests participated in this Forum, including 200 from other countries. Over 100 participants delivered speech, including China’s urbanization policy makers, regional governors, prominent scholars, industrial experts, entrepreneurs, representative officer of international institutions such as United Nations Development Programme attended the Forum of this year on the theme of “Institutions and Transformation”.
    Li Tie (國家發展改革委城市和小城鎮改革發展中心主任李鐵) – chief officer of Municipal and Small Town Reform and Development Centre of NDRC; Xu Xianping (國家發展改革委副主任徐憲平) – vice chairman of NDRC; Ai Baojun (上海市副市長艾寶俊) – deputy mayor of Shanghai; Xu Lin (國家發展改 革委規劃司司長徐林) – director of the Department of Planning of NDRC; Yao Zhongmin (國家開發銀行監事長姚中民) – supervisor of China Development Bank; Zhang Xuguang (國家開發銀行投資總監、國開金融有限公司總裁張旭光 ) – chief investment officer of China Development Bank and president of China Development Bank Capital Corporation Ltd.; and Shi Jian (中國新城鎮發展有限公司主席施建) – chairman of China New Town Development Company Limited were invited and attended this Forum.
    The Forum is jointly organized by the Municipal and Small Town Reform and Development Centre of the NDRC, the World Economic Forum, and the World Bank, co-hosted by China Development Bank Capital Corporation Ltd., Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission, and Shanghai Baoshan People’s Government, and is supported by Shanghai Public Relations Association and Research Base for “Governmental and Public Decision-making and Support” of Shanghai University of Engineering Science under The Development Research Center of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. Shanghai Luodian New Town, is the permanent venue of the Forum.
    The Forum brings the elites across different disciplines together in Lake Malaren Convention Centre each March since 2009. Participants include China’s urbanization policy makers, regional governors, prominent scholars and experts, entrepreneurs, representatives of the United Nations Development Programme, the World Bank, and the Asian Development Bank. It provides an equal and open platform for discussion over the issues and challenges faced in the processes of the China’s urbanization. Urbanization of China is the main driving force of both the economic growth of China and the economic development of the world. It has become a national think tank and one of the most important discussion platforms on urbanization.
    Shanghai Luodian New Town, with a total site area of 6.8 square kilometers, has been the flagship new town project of the Companysince 2002, a pilot town of the National and Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commissions as well as a United Nations Development Program Pilot Town. The new town features a Five-star Crowne Plaza Hotel, PGA standard golf courses, an international convention centre, shopping centres and hospitals. Save from the annual China International Urbanization Forum, “BMW Masters 2012”, an international golf tournament organised by BMW, was also held in the new town.